Ground Source Heat pump Installation for an Elizabethan country house.


Saving more than £10,000 each year!

We are delighted that the heat pump system has been commissioned and is now up and running. We use our own green electricity to help power the heat pump, which is taking the constant 10°C temperature under one of our fields to meet all our hot water and heating needs” 

Tim Ashton – Soulton Hall

With the right technology and design, it is possible

Total NRG has helped an Elizabethan country house in Shropshire to go green. Historic Soulton Hall near Shrewsbury in Shropshire has replaced traditional fossil fuels with two Stiebel Eltron ground source heat pumps, generating green hot water and heating for the 30-room manor house and the coach house. Having previously used oil and electricity, the luxury hotel and wedding venue is now saving more than £10,000 each year in fuel costs, as well as achieving a substantial reduction in CO2 emissions.

Historic sites such as Soulton Hall are traditionally very hard to heat with poor insulation, however, with this project Total NRG has demonstrated that with the right technology and design, it is possible to retro-fit a green energy system that can optimise both cost and energy savings.

A fantastic project to work on!

 The hall itself is stunning and the site really lends itself well to green energy. “As there was plenty of ground space available, we decided to go with a twin ground source heat pump system, with a Stiebel Eltron WPF 27 HT heat pump working alongside a Stiebel Eltron WPF 35 heat pump. “The WPF 27 HT is providing heating and hot water, while the WPF 35 is being used for heating only – with a total output of 62kW, we designed the system so that in the summer months only 27kW is needed, reducing energy usage and costs. “The WPF 27 HT unit also pasteurises the 1,000-litre DHW cylinder instead of using an emersion element, which increases the overall efficiency of the system.

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